Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge is manufactured by Independence Spirits Company, LLC at the Charles Jacquin et Cie, Inc. facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was developed and is marketed by John Cooper, of Independence Spirits Company, LLC, of Miami, Florida, who was also the producer of Domaine de Canton, another flavored liqueur that was previously produced by Jacquin, and was distributed by Miami-based Maurice Cooper et Cie, LLC. Sweet Revenge was introduced to the marketplace in the US in early 2012.


The Original Wild Strawberry Sour Mash Liqueur

77 Proof

Sweet Revenge is the original wild strawberry sour mash liqueur. Its rosy pink color hides its thorny bite. Sweet yet rockin’ and packing a 77 proof of smooth intensity, Sweet Revenge dares you to find any other liqueur that’s as sinfully delicious.

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